Captain's Web Log(3) - 12 February 2016 - The Blog Liiiiiiiiives!

Ok, so there were some technical difficulties with updating the blog. I wasn't able to log into the remote server at UW where I was hosting the blog because the station firewall blocks the port, so on Wednesday I finally broke down and migrated the blog to GitHub. Naturally, on Thursday after I had finished all the work of migrating the blog, I was finally able to log into the server where it was hosted in the first place (enough of the summer people have left now that the internet connection is finally good enough to get on the UW VPN, and once I'm on the VPN the port for the remote server access isn't blocked). Oh well, this way it lives at my actual domain instead of forwarding to the Wisconsin Physics domain. And I happen to be rather proud of my puntastic domain name, so it's just as well. The moral of the story is that I can now update my blog pretty easily whenever the satellites are up, and so you are now officially allowed to give me a hard time if I go over a month again without posting. My goal is at least every two weeks.

Anyway, I updated the FAQ a bit and added a couple photos to the post about Denver, and I have a new post about how to get to the south pole in n easy steps that should be ready to put up tomorrow.

Also, as penance for taking a month to figure out how to computer, here's an adorable picture of a cat sleeping on a rain boot: